Search Engine Ranking Reports

Ranking reports help you and your clients know where you stand in the search engines. They're also an important tool to help gauge the progress of your SEO efforts.

Generate Rank Reports with SERP Scan

SERP Scan makes it easy to generate ranking reports. From the dashboard just click 'Download CSV' to start downloading CSV reports for every website you're tracking. You can also download reports individually by following the same step directly from the website page.

What search engines can your generate reports for?

You can download Google ranking reports and Bing ranking reports. You can track over 150 international Google search engines.

Do I need to download any software?

You do not need any software to generate or download the reports. The generating process is entirely web based. You will need some way of viewing CSV files—Excel is the most popular for Windows, and on Mac there is Numbers and Open Office.

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